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Boy Comics 15 - Iron Jaw vs the Rodent, April 1944, Page 12

Hi cowboys, and welcome back! I hope your week inside went well. It's a little weird, seeing my workmates through a video conference. As the days warm up, will Americans from the frozen northern part of the country come outside? Well, probably, but my hope is that they won't defy the social distancing order.

This week's page had a lot of dialog. A lot, even for Charles Biro. I had to do a little editing because Charles Biro had gotten into the habit of using "of" instead of "have". Like, he'd write Crimebuster saying "I couldn't of wished a more fitting death" but that makes no sense. Crimebuster would have said he couldn't have wished. It's like someone writing "Valen-times day" or "alright", I just can't let that slide.

So I changed it. And I gotta say, having suffered through reading the original poorly scanned version, this version here with the all-new clean black and white dialog balloons is way easier to read.

Okay boys and girls, I gotta hit the old trail again. Saddle up and scatter, everyone, and we'll all meet again right here next week! Yee haw!

Comic transcript

You're reading an edited and "re-mastered" version of Charles Biro's comic book Boy Comics # 15, published in 1944. In it, we see Crimebuster fight this guy named Iron Jaw, who's trying to escape from US Law Enforcement and continue his campaign of domestic sabotage on behalf of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. I revised the dialog balloons, and made new ones because the original scan made them hard to read. If you're interested, you can start from the beginning by clicking the link to the first page.

Nazi Count Mayo (played by Vincent Price) rifles through the clothing of the corpse of Iron Jaw. He mutters as he does so, " Going through Iron Jaw's belongings I have found some real, wonder- ful American money! Will I go on a spree when I get to Germany! Here, what's this?" He digs a little deeper in the jacket and finds a small sheaf of papers. Looking at them, Vincent Price says "So Iron Jaw had some good information - he must've been on the job! He didn't have to die after all - Just as well, tho'! Now I can take the credit for it!"

Louie and Smurdock wander in. Louie sniffs and says "Hey Count, what're we going to do with these stiffs? Can't keep 'em here!"

Smurdock adds "The dicks already think Iron Jaw is dead! they've been searching the river for his body!"

Vincent smiles and takes another drag on his cigarette. "Then throw them both in the river!" he pronounces, and then adds, "Only, put weights on the Rodent so he will sink. Let them find Iron Jaw! It will lead me to that Crimebuster! I also have orders to eliminate him!"

Uh oh! Hey, that's right! Crimebuster's in this story too! We haven't seen him for a while! Let's waltz on over to Loover's office, where Loover is leaning waaaay over his desk to hang up a phone. He says "They've found it, Crimebuster! they pulled Iron Jaw's body out of the river! For once your hunch was wrong! Come along - his body is at the morgue!"

Crimebuster breaks out in a smile. "Let's go! Seeing is believing!"

In Loover's car, the siren is going "Wheeeeee". Over the noise, Crimebuster yells "If Iron Jaw's body was in the river all this time, he should've been found long before this!"

Loover guffaws. "Just don't like to admit you've been wrong, do you Crimebuster? ha, ha!"

And we're in the morgue, staring at Iron Jaw's cold body. Loover says "This should do your heart good, Crimebuster, seeing it with your own eyes! Iron Jaw is dead at last!"

Crimebuster sees something, he pokes the corpse a couple of times. "Look! what are all these bites on him? He didn't drown-he was chewed to death by some- thing! Looks like rat bites!" (Crimebuster's an avid forensic learner, and has seen photos of rat bites on corpses before).

They walk out of the morgue, down a staircase with curvy railings. Loover gets an idea, says "His body might have hit shore and river rats got at him! What's the difference so long as he's dead?"

Crimebuster shoots back "A lot of diff! It means he was murdered-then thrown back into the river for us to find!"

Hey Crimebuster, do you see those two silhouettes in the background?

Crimebuster continues his diatribe to Loover. His monkey Squeeks, watches and judges. Hand on his hip, Crimebuster says "I hold no love for Iron Jaw! I couldn't have wished a more fitting death-killed by his fellow rats, and it means somebody or thing more deadly than Iron Jaw is running around loose!"

Hey Crimebuster, I hate to point this out but those silhouettes are a lot closer now and -

Look out! Oh man! Pow! Right on Crimebuster's head with a black jack! Loover too! Ugh those things hurt like heck! They contort, and fall, while Squeeks is shocked!

What's gonna happen now?

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