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Boy Comics 15 - Iron Jaw vs the Rodent, April 1944, Page 10

Hello boys and girls! Welcome back to another page from yesteryear. We're on page ten and Crimebuster has only appeared on one page so far. Well, he'll show up soon, I bet.

I had a funny thought, that some old guy who read this comic when it came out is re-reading it on this site. He'd be in his early 90s if he was 13 when he bought a copy off the newsstand in Times Square back in the 40s. Or mid-90s if he stopped off at the newsstand when he was driving around in his jalopy, hankering to see what happened. Is that old guy angry with what he sees on this web page today? He could be.

Like I mentioned earlier, the scans from this comic are from a PDF file which came off of a $10 DVD published by "Everything 4 less". They even had the temerity to jam their web address into each page of the PDF as a hyperlink. In these refurbished versions I delete their stupid arial font logo.

This week's page was a particularly terrible scan, leaving the dialog balloons very white and the art very blurry. In addition to writing all-new dialog balloons, I made the attempt to replace some of the color that appears on the Rodent's body. I made it more yellow to differentiate it from the yellow-walled room he was fighting Iron Jaw in.

Too bad they didn't add squealing sound effects from the rats as Iron Jaw battered them. Ugh, I noticed blood coming out of the rat in panel 8. Reminded me of that image in Struwwelpeter after he got his thumbs cut off.

Okay well that's it for this week, cowboys and cowgirls, I gotta hit the old trail! You partners be safe out there this week, and I'll see all you fellers again right here in seven days!

Comic transcript

You're reading an edited and "re-mastered" version of Charles Biro's comic book Boy Comics # 15, published in 1944. In it, we see Crimebuster fight this guy named Iron Jaw, who's trying to escape from US Law Enforcement and continue his campaign of domestic sabotage on behalf of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. I revised the dialog balloons, and made new ones because the original scan made them hard to read. If you're interested, you can start from the beginning by clicking the link to the first page.

The Rodent stalks towards Iron Jaw. Five rats precede him. This is a low-angle shot but you really can't tell because the artist didn't include the background in this panel. The Rodent talks to his rats, he tells them "Daisy, you take his neck - Pansy his arms - Lily you vill haff his chest - und I vill keep his hands busy!"

Iron Jaw's ready. He takes off his suitcoat and says "I see! So this is my reward for my service to the Fatherland! All right, you overgrown, rat-faced weasel - you're asking for it!" He sure is!

Iron Jaw grabs a rat and throttles it. Its buck teeth cartoonishly gape out of its mouth as its head lolls. A rat bites his leg, and another rat leaps for his leg too. Iron Jaw snarls "I am surprised and insulted to think that the count would rely on a few rats and a freak to kill the great Iron Jaw!"

The Rodent steps up now. He grabs Iron Jaw's shirt with one hand and jams his right thumb as hard as he can into Iron Jaw's eye. A rat scuttles across Iron Jaw's face and real quick he bites the rat. Another rat has got a good grip on Iron Jaw's cheek. Iron Jaw cries out "My left arm! Arrghh that rat! He tore my bad arm open again!"

Iron Jaw throttles the rat that was biting him and shakes it hard, its little head bopping back and forth as it makes a gargling but defiant "squee... squee" sound effect. Iron Jaw kicks the Rodent in the jaw, backing him off. Iron Jaw holds his poked eye and says "If I hadn't lost a lot of blood from before I'd tear this rodent from limb to limb!"

The Rodent comes back as Iron Jaw throttles a third rat. The rat grits his teeth as it dies, but the Rodent has his hands around Iron Jaw's throat! "Ahh" he says, in his cheap-ass German-ish accent, "You are getting veaker und veaker und veaker!!"

Iron Jaw rolls over and the Rodent stands up, breathing all heavy. "Dead at last! Never has a man lasted so long mitt me und der little ones! Now I believe all I heard about Iron Jaw!"

Then Rodent leans over and picks up one of his rats. A squirt of blood comes out of it and its spine is all bendy. Rodent says "Daisy, Lily... babies, now you may haff your feast! Vot iss wrong - Dead - All my lovely rats dead!"

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