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Lullaby of the Aitachio Enia Mansion

Trying to learn this piece on the violin. I've been thinking about playing music. Performing is a very different kettle of fish, as it were, from sitting alone in a room and drawing. The closest analog I have done before is acting, where the lines must be spoken in line with the author's intention.

But if you mess up, there's no erase, no undo action like there is when you draw comics. When you're playing music you really cannot dwell on a mistake you just made, you must let it go and concentrate on the remainder of the piece, otherwise you'll just make another mistake.

And it's difficult for me to do that.

Eh, in other news, I'm surprised to learn that some dude called Diversity and Comics has managed to get $200,000 bucks from a kickstarter or whatever to publish his comic. And all he did was market it as intentionally not designed to flatter the sensibilities of people on the left. That's all.

I understand Antarctic Press has volunteered to publish and distribute. This should be interesting. I think comics shop owners are more interested in making money and selling books than they are in politics.

Aah, politics. I subscribe to the belief that history doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. The speed of communication we have makes our era unlike any other preceding, but there is still the American will to get angry over Presidential elections.

Anyway we're nearing the close of issue #2, so how did you like it? I thought it was great!

Thanks for reading! Come back next week!

Comic transcript

Detective Lila is meeting with Jamie Gumb in the Durham Hall of Justice to assist in the identification process for the Baron University students she accused of raping her.

Detective Lila, pleased with the witness's statement, turns back to her log book and says in a quick chirp "Okay, Ms. Gumb, that's great! You've been a big help in this investigation, and we'll have those boys in jail lickety-split." She adds "Officer Gail will escort you out."

Officer Gail, however, is still puzzled and angry. "But detective!" she says, making no move to escort the witness out, "Showing the witness the yearbook is an undue influence! This evidence will get thrown out in court!"

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