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Can't Believe that I Survived Till Friday

Color of Your Smile, Night Ranger

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Hey and welcome back to another week of posting The Lacrosse Rape Hoax. I am thinking about changing the name of this comic. The word "Rape" evokes a brutal concept and its place in the title may dissuade more people from reading than invite.

Thinking about it, I can only name two literary works that include the word "Rape" in the title. One is Alexander Pope's classic Rape of the Lock and the other is Jim Goad's "The Rape Issue" also known as #4 of "Answer Me".

And it seems like discussing why I used the word "Rape" in the title and why I shouldn't would only dig me deeper into a hole, so suffice it to say, I am considering new titles.

Otherwise. What a week. So much stuff happened. Wow. But it's Friday! Have a good weekend!

Comic transcript

Detective Lila is meeting with Jamie Gumb in the Durham Hall of Justice to assist in the identification process for the Baron University students she accused of raping her.

Jamie's finger wanders over the page of lacrosse players in the Baron University yearbook. It settles on a picture of #32 who unfortunately had his mouth open at the time of the photo.

"This one. " Jamie pauses, then starts again. "I - I think this one too."

Detective Lila asks "Are you sure? We need you to be sure."

Jamie turns her eyes to Detective Lila's. She says "Uh, he had a mustache when he rape me. He musta shaved it off when he took the picture."

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