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Tough Week with New Cat

In personal news (usually I rant each week about how terrible everyone is) I obtained a new cat. I have one cat, and this is a second cat. Cats are territorial, so when introducing new cats, one has to keep them in separate rooms for a while.

So on Monday night I had the new cat in my bedroom. Also the new cat has an upper respiratory infection which means its nose is super stuffy and it wheezes a lot. And it is a really weird thing to have an unfamiliar animal living in your bedroom, especially the first night. Especially when it's wheezing really loud.

Cuz you have no idea what that cat is gonna do. From what they told me at the shelter, the new cat was a stray. They knew nothing of its history. They saw it had old bite wounds (healed), which meant it had been in at least one fight with something. Also the cat had a broken canine (which they extracted). Otherwise, who knows what that cat might decide to do?

As a for instance of what new cats might do, there was this one cat I got a couple years ago now, his thing was, he would get on top of my leg when I was sleeping and hump it. That cat, the shelter told me, was one of 27 cats its owner had left in several carriers on the porch when they were closed. There were notes in each carrier describing the cats. Weird.

Anyway I didn't sleep well. I think I lost about three or four hours sleep. Even though I had woken up at 5:00am that day. The sleep was broken up several times attending to various needs. Such as for some weird reason it (I guess) tried to bathe itself in the water dish, spilling it everywhere. I don't know what the cat was trying to accomplish, but there was a lot of back and forth that night between the sink and the paper towels and keeping the door closed so the new cat wouldn't interface with the existing cat.

The cat has been getting better, I got a humidifier for it. Taking it to the vet next week. But this whole work week has been affected by the chunk of sleep lost from new cat.

It's worth it, though. New cat is playful and curious. Not a mean bone in its body. Cat ownership is rewarding.

Comic transcript

Detective Lila is meeting with Jamie Gumb in the Durham Hall of Justice to assist in the identification process for the Baron University students she accused of raping her.

Jamie reviews the pages from the Baron University yearbook, and peers cautiously at the photos of the lacrosse team. She stretches out a long, slender finger and points at player number 41. "That one," pronounces Jamie. "He rape me."

Her finger wanders over to another photo, pointing at player number fifty six. Jamie says "He done it too. He was there. He just stuck his dick in my mouth, but he dint rape me."

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