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Boy Comics 15 - Iron Jaw vs the Rodent, April 1944, Page 11

Hello boys and girls and men of all ages.

Yeah, this post is late again but I have a good excuse (again). The content management system I use is called "Grawlix". It works, and it was really really cheap, but the guy who made it moved on to bigger and better things (I can only presume) and so he stopped updating it. So, when PHP got updated to version 5.6, Grawlix just broke and all the pages returned a 500 error (totally blank).

I talked with my ISP and he fixed it and I thanked him for it.

In other news, gee whiz that virus from China is causing all kinds of trouble. One crisis at a time, I say. Let's address what's going on right now, and later on, we'll discuss other things.

In the meantime, I live in the sur-reality of American life. This has happened twice before, where a historical event provoked a range of emotional feelings. First was September 11th. I lived in Illinois at the time but all that week I was looking up and there were no planes in the sky, a reminder that this Islamic terrorist-driven mass murder had created a big effect. Second was the 2000 election. That dragged on until December, and I remember thinking that I wanted for there to be a President.

I'm practicing social distancing as best as I can. My neighbors sure aren't. The youth sure aren't. This is how people are, and I guess maybe this is why China ended up putting 50 million people under house arrest to stop the spread of this virus that they lied about for a month.

Or, to look at it another way, China locked down 3.6% of its entire population of 1.3 billion.

Also, in this week's page, I changed the dialog a little bit from the original. In the second panel Charles Biro had Iron Jaw say something like "Not yet, Rodent! If I'm goin', brother, you're going first." Using the word "brother" made iron Jaw's dialog sound too much like Daffy Duck, so I changed it to something a bit more German-y.

Okay, see you cowboys on Friday when we get back to a regular posting schedule. Saddle up! Yee haw!

Comic transcript

You're reading an edited and "re-mastered" version of Charles Biro's comic book Boy Comics # 15, published in 1944. In it, we see Crimebuster fight this guy named Iron Jaw, who's trying to escape from US Law Enforcement and continue his campaign of domestic sabotage on behalf of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. I revised the dialog balloons, and made new ones because the original scan made them hard to read. If you're interested, you can start from the beginning by clicking the link to the first page.

So Iron Jaw has just finished biting all the rats to death, but The Rodent choked him out. THe rodent holds the rat corpses and says in a cheap German-ish accent "Oh, my little sweethearts! My loved ones-he has killed you all! boo hoo!! The svine! I suppose it is little comfort to you to know Iron Jaw is dead!"

But then Iron Jaw wakes up and thinks "Noch nicht, Rodent! If I'm goin', kamerade, you're goin' first!" He leaps rasp first and gets the Rodent on the deltoid. He's got a real good grip and he pulls. Lots of veins and arteries in the shoulder. The Rodent struggles, but bleeds out. Iron Jaw stands, unsteady on his feet, but then collapses in a heap on top of the smelly yellow furry guy.

Vincent Price is standing outside the door, waiting. There is silence, and then he announces "All is quiet in the next room! We shall unlock the door and let the winner take a bow!"

The hoods crowd the door, anxious, as Vincent Price walks in and says "I'm betting it's the rodent."

A bet! Joey perks up and says "A fiver says you're wrong! It's Iron Jaw!" Louie just smiles, but Smurdock chimes in "I'll put my money on Iron Jaw any time!"

The W.A.V.E. is appalled. She remonstrates "All this is so horrible! How can you all be so cruel?"

Vincent gasps, his mouth wide open as he takes it all in. He shouts "THEY'RE BOTH DEAD!" Louie, who followed him in, points and says "Hey, look! The rats are dead too!" Joey is transfixed by the scene.

Vincent regains his icy cool composure and takes a hit off of his cigarette. "Killed one another!" he pronounces, and then opines "Must've been a wonderful battle! Too bad I couldn't see it!"

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