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Boy Comics 15 - Iron Jaw vs the Rodent, April 1944, Page 1 and 2

Howdy, folks! Boy it's good to see everyone here again, thanks for showing up!

This week the President responded to an attack on the US Embassy in Iraq by blowing up a car convoy in which was traveling the terrorist who was in charge of the سپاه قدس‎ , a unit in Iran's Revolutionary Guards force. The Iranian government has promised revenge after three days of mourning, but I guess we'll see!

Gee, I wonder what that terrorist was doing in the Baghdad international airport two days after the attack on the US embassy? Anyone have any ideas?

Okay well this week and in the weeks hence we'll be taking a magnifying glass onto one of the deep root hairs that sparked the idea of Crimebuster and the Lax Team Sex Scandal! Lots of violence and blood in this one.

Because the original scan of this comic book from 1944 was so badly made (by Everything 4 Less, only $10 for cheap, poorly rendered low-resolution scans!), I also added in word balloons to make it slightly less of a huge pain to read.

Okay well making all those word balloons took a while so I got to go and get started on the evening's festivities, can't talk for longer!

Happy New Year 2020, everyone! See you cowboys and cowgirls next week!

Comic transcript

In the first page, we see Iron Jaw (a guy who had his lower jaw replaced with an iron rasp) in a bloody fight with a fat guy covered in yellow fur! The yellow guy has a knife! Also rats the size of dachshunds are attacking iron Jaw, too! And the rats are wearing different colored ribbons around their necks!

A white, cleanly lettered caption below the fight reads:

Iron Jaw has boasted many times about how he was going to wreck America single-handed. His boasts, like Hitler's, were full of hot air, because Crimebuster (who is just an athletic American boy) proved more than a match for this murderous wind bag! To destroy Crimebuster, has become an obsession with him! -- so much so, that even Stinklegruber has become tired of his childish feud with Crimebuster. in dealing his cards of death, Iron Jaw has at last dealt himself the ace of spades!!

In the next page is a bunch of dialog which I won't type out now! Sorry! Also "Stinklegruber" is a reference to a false story about Adolf Hitler's supposed real name. But it turns out that Adolf Hitler was christened Adolf Hitler and had the same last name as his father.

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