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The 3 Daughters of King Coluath O'Hara - Page 17

Ha Ha Justin Smollett is a Dork = Well I can't help but be ebullient at the news that the case against Mr. Smollett has been presented in front of a grand jury, and the jury has returned with no less than 16 felony charges against Mr. Smollet.

I can only hope that these sixteen felony charges are not part of a ruse of the Chicago Police Department. A ruse would be to terrify the simple, easily confused Mr. Smollett with the threat of years and years and years in prison, in hopes that Mr. Smollett might save everyone some time and confess to everything in return for a short, meaningless sentence. Probably like 30 hours community service or something like that.

I hope they stick it to this guy. Hate crime hoaxes are far more common than the hate crimes they seek to emulate. Other crimes are far more common than hate crimes, as well.

Anyway in this week's episode you see I used my abstract backgrounds in a couple panels. I sometimes used to do that, where the figures in the background seek to demonstrate an emotional landscape. As opposed to the utter absence of backgrounds in this page. Yeah, not drawing backgrounds saves some time.

I hope you enjoy this week's page. Thanks for visiting and I'll see you next week! I hope everyone stays true to their Lenten promises!

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book based on the ancient Irish Myth the Three daughters of King Coluath O'hara. The translation and story was from Jeremiah Curtin's book Irish Myths and Fairy Tales but don't go and spoil the comic by reading it. I'll be posting a page a week, and the first page is here. Please let me know in the comments if you want to buy a copy and end the suspense, and if enough people want it then hey I'll publish it. Thanks!

The princess began to cry at the sight of the child, thinking that she herself was the cause that it had but one eye.

Then she put her hand into her pocket where she kept the handkerchief on which she had dropped the tear when the gray crow carried her infant away. She had never used the handkerchief since that day, for there was an eye on it.

She opened the handkerchief and put the eye in the girl's head. It grew into the socket that minute, and the child saw out of it as well as out of the other eye. And I'll note here that this won't be the last time the third daughter of King Coluath O'Hara ended up healing someone. That's a recurring theme in this story, where the third daughter is an agent of healing.

And then the woman of the house sent the little one to bed.

Next morning, as the King's daughter was going out, the woman of the house gave her a whistle. She said "Whenever you put his whistle to your mouth and blow on it, all the birds of the air will come to you from every quarter under the sun. Be careful of the whistle, as it may serve you greatly."

So the King's daughter went outside where her husband had stayed the night. This time, he said to her "Go back to your father's castle, for I must leave you to-day." Somehow, I like that Jeremiah Curtin hyphenated the word "today".

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