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The 3 Daughters of King Coluath O'Hara - Page 11

Keep Punching Down - Big news this week. Well, last week. There was a "March for Life" in Washington, an annual gathering of anti-abortion people which the media companies have traditionally refused to cover. A Catholic boys school from Kentucky had sent its boys there to participate.

The boys had to wait in front of the Lincoln Memorial for their bus. A group of wandering Black Hebrew Israelites, who are straight-up hardcore black supremacists and who want for the entire white race to be enslaved or die, no kidding, came by. They sensed a captive audience. Unlike adults, who restrain themselves from picking on children, the Black Hebrew Israelites proceeded to verbally abuse the gathered Catholic school students for over an hour. "Cracker" and "faggot" were just a tiny slice of the whole rancid pie of words that the Black Hebrew Israelites launched at the gathered group of boys, along with the extra special word that most people cannot even type without invoking severe repercussions. The below picture suggests what that word is that the Black Hebrew Israelites launched over 100 times at the gathered high school students, in addition to "cracker" and "faggot":

Oscar the Grouch

Anyway. So the kids started doing a bunch of school cheers to drown out the unending abuse of the Black Hebrew Israelites. And a Native American happened by. He decided to go up to them and beat a drum. He kept walking towards them, beating his drum, getting closer and closer to this group of boys, until finally he was inches away from one kid, banging his drum and hollering in his face. He probably had bad breath, too. The one kid held a smile during this episode which bespoke (to me, anyway) indulgence and some amusement.

And what's so weird, what is so weird is that there are millions of people in America who believe that the Native American with the drum was the target of racial abuse. And these people believe this even though the voluminous video evidence does not support a single one of their contentions. They've probably seen the videos exonerating the school boys of these charges. And yet they still think these boys should be expelled and their lives ruined forever.

So weird.

Anyway, here's this week's episode! Enjoy! In panel four, they say "when all the guests had gone". That would have been a weird scene if you were a guest there, huh? Probably a lot of tension. One of the King's daughters feeding a dog and no one saying anything about it.

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book based on the ancient Irish Myth the Three daughters of King Coluath O'hara. The translation and story was from Jeremiah Curtin's book Irish Myths and Fairy Tales but don't go and spoil the comic by reading it. I'll be posting a page a week, and the first page is here. Please let me know in the comments if you want to buy a copy and end the suspense, and if enough people want it then hey I'll publish it. Thanks!

When all was ready for the feast at the castle that the King had set up for his three daughters, and the company were assembled, the King was for banishing the White Dog. But the youngest daughter would not listen to her father - would not let the white dog out of her sight, but kept him near her at the feast, and divided with him the food that came to herself.

When the feast was over, and all the guests had gone, the three sisters went to their own rooms in the castle. Late in the evening the Queen took the Cook with her, and stole in to see what was in her daughter's rooms. They were all asleep at the time.

What should she see by the side of her youngest daughter but the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on.

Then she went to where the other two daughters were sleeping.

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