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Three Daughters - A Myth and a Comic

Thanks for coming by, everybody! I'm still working on The Case of The Lacrosse Rape Hoax issue #5 but it's been really, really slow going. As of this entry I am working on, I have just started, page number 10 of this issue. And it's a cool issue but I have to figure something out as far as getting the work done.

I was bashing out a page a week for a while on issue #3 which was great. But then again there's the quality that I'm thinking about, like I look at #3 and I think I could do better. But there's a mental effort.

Anyway in the meantime I'm going through my back catalog and looking for cool stuff to show you each week. This time we've got a treat. At least, I liked it. It was a comic I did based on a story I really liked. There's something, for me, about finding a good story and then making a comic out of it.

Otherwise, one of my cats has a stuffy nose. I guess it's allergies or something. I'm giving it steroids but apparently they can't live on them forever. There are other pills to try but basically there's a cost issue vs. quality of life. And the little beast knows nothing of this, besides its sincere love of food. It claws my chair and groans at me with a regular periodicity because I am not constant in my provision of food. Also the little beast only gets 280 calories a day, or it's supposed to. It thinks that's nowhere near enough food.

This is just the cover this week, but I straightened up the lines a little bit, they got curved somehow in the original production. This comic was like the second to last comic that I made with pencil, paper and ink. I switched over to semi-computer production with my latest project.

Thanks for coming by! Come back next week to see the first page!

Comic transcript

Three daughters are together. There's a nice little set of celtic knotwork on the left. The oldest princess, the tall one, she's holding a magic cloak. The second oldest, she's looking at the cloak too. The youngest princess, she's got black and white hair, and she has a broken circle image on her chest. She's not so interested in the cloak as she is looking out the window at the wide world outside of the castle.

Yes, graphic t-shirts were completely unknown in ancient Ireland when this story was set, I know. This story is really, really old, too. No one knows how old. But the place names in it, they're still there in Ireland if you look for them.

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