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Sneak Peek - Sneekly Peek!

Okay wow, I am amazed at the Democrat Senators strong and pronounced dedication to outright lies. As I wrote this we were in the middle of a gigantic senate fight to instate Judge Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court of the land. The Democrat party found someone who was willing to allege that Judge Kavanaugh had performed light, over-the-clothes groping upon her when she was a young woman. Ugh.

Suddenly it's all about "metoo" and all this other crap. Senator Feinstein held onto this letter from the now 51-year-old young woman and only released it to the public on the day before the advice and consent process had completed. Oh now we have to have an investigation! Oh lah dee dah!

Anyway. It's water under the bridge now. Voting should start soon and we'll see what's what.

In the meantime, please feast, feast! Your eyes upon this lovely artwork! This was from a project I did ... jeez, I think it musta been maybe 15 years ago? And I got my friend to ink it, he's gooood at art.

Next week I might post more, but please feast.

Comic transcript

The word "babies" leaps out at us. Stolen from a single panel in Michelangelo's master work the Sistine Chapel, there is a triangular frame in which sit a man and a woman.

They are tired. The author is hit with a sense of deja vu as he writes this - did the author dream of writing this? Is the strange act of describing a single, out-of-context panel as part of a story the reeader does not know so very strange that it could have been dreamed before becoming reality?

The man and the woman are tired, they have fretful, worried expressions on their face. The woman is leaning forward, offering her breast to one of the infants she and her husband have parented. The other infant looks on, watching with an expression of concern.

The woman wears a head wrap. Soft, echoing steps on marble waft from below. Ghosts of noises made in the year 1508? Michelangelo focuses his eyes on the Ozias spandrel in front of him. He is painting the ancestors of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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