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Another Statue Gone

This week a bunch of feeps at the University of North Carolina decided to knock down another one of those awful racist statues that makes everyone be racist. Their reasoning? Racism. Gotta stop it.

It's a strange belief system. They have little to no knowledge of the War Between the States other than "North Good, South Bad." or "North Good, South Evil Racists". Yet this passes for scholarship among the modern student and entitles them to sweep away outmoded concepts like "debate" and "respect for private property".

Does anyone believe that these idiots will stop when all statues and monuments that mention the Confederate States of America have been removed from public property?

Suppose all of these thousands of stone monuments and bronze statues were moved to several different federally funded museums. Suppose the names of the museums were something like "Eternal Vigilance Against All Racism and Racists Ever" and every explanatory plaque reminded the viewers that slavery existed in the Confederacy.

Would these idiot students possessed of revolutionary fervor say "phew, our job is done now"? Or would they say "Why is that school named after Robert E. Lee?" Would they say " Why is that street named after Stonewall Jackson? Why is America continuing to honor White Supremacy and Slavery and Racism in the current year?"

Next would be confederate grave markers. Probably Stone Mountain, too. And then it's the books.

Koala, I surely do hate those people.

Anyway, thanks for visiting! Check out the comic this week!

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

Billy's out of the gambling biz, and now it's back to romancing his favorite frail, Virginia Parker! Billy's characteristic passive-aggressive smirk is back as he leans against the dresser and uses the telephone to call her house. "Hi Ginnie - this is Billy!" he souses, "How about a date today? I got something very special to talk about! I'll pick you up at two for lunch!"

It's two o'clock, and Billy's outside her house now. It's a sunny day and the trees are full of leaves. Probably summer. He's got a box under his arm, walking up a very winding front walk. Wow there are three curves in that walk. Virginia's got on a red dress that shows off her shoulders. She says, surprised, "Billy! That car in front of the house! I saw you drive up in it - how come?"

"It's mine, honey, all mine - and here's a little present for you!"

They go inside, where her parents are frowning. Billy's gigantic green car sits outside the window. "Mom! Dad! Look out the window, and see the wonderful new car Billy has - and look, he brought me a present, too!"

"Humph" says Olean, Virginia's mother, "I hope it wasn't bought with money from gambling!" Virginia's father frowns in agreement.

"I've been hearing a lot of bad rumors about you, Billy!" frowns Olean, "Folks have been saying that you're a... a..." (she can hardly say it) "Bookie!"

Billy smirks hopefully. "Well, maybe I was, Mrs. Parker! But I'm turning over a new leaf - honest!"

Virginia's got the box open. Yards of soft brown fur tumbles out of it. "Billy! A mink coat - I can't believe it - it's gorgeous!"

Billy says "Gee, you really like it, honey?"

Olean's not endeared. "Virginia - " she says, "You can't accept a present like that, do you understand me? It just wouldn't be right!"

Billy pleads "Aw, Mrs. Parker, please let her keep it! There are no strings attached! I want to ask Ginnie to marry me - you know I've been crazy about her all my life - but whether she says 'Yes' or 'No' - I'd like her to have the coat." On the wall, a pen and ink drawing of an onion looks on, astonished. The onion drawing can't believe Billy just indirectly asked Virginia to marry him, just like that!

Olean frowns at Virginia. "It's up to you, Virginia! I don't approve, but you're old enough to know your own mind."

Virginia's father struggles to his feet, figuring he should say something. "Err..." he begins, then trails off. Then, resolved, he says with stern frowning "Billy, I'd like a word with you in private!"

Billy follows his girlfriend's father into another room where there are a bunch of books. Billy leans way back on a desk, like, way way back and puts out his hand in supplication and submission. "If it's about Ginnie and me, Mr. Parker, I want you to know I'm on the level about giving up being a bookie! If she'll marry me, I'll really settle down!"

Virginia's father is lighting a pipe and takes a hit off of it. "Now, boy, I have something else I wanted to err..." he stops again, then starts. "Discuss!" he pronounces with firm intention.

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