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Boy Comics 15 - Iron Jaw vs the Rat, April 1944, Page 4

Hi, fellows! It's January 17 and we're about to observe the birthday of Martin Luther King on Monday! Gee whiz, Martin Luther King's pal Ralph Abernathy sure had some mean things to say about Martin Luther King, didn't he? A lot of people denied Abernathy's story, so it can't be true, right? I hear the FBI has recordings of Dr. King from wiretapping his several abodes, but those won't be available to the public until 2027. So let's all wait for those.

Also, everyone should remember during the President's day Weekend in February that George Washington owned slaves.

Okay in this week's page Iron Jaw mentions hoarding. There were a ton of shortages during world war two, even in America. This was the cost of putting together the greatest war-fighting effort the planet had ever seen, but the country's united citizenry bore the burden proudly. The citizenry were angry that the Japanese had murdered 2,000 sailors during the 1941 Pearl Harbor sneak attack, and were anxious to repay the Japanese (and their allies) in blood. If getting back at the Japanese meant going without, then they would do without.

We can contrast this to September 11, 2001 when 3,000 civilians died from a terrorist sneak attack.

All right, I hope everyone has a very good weekend. I'll see you cowboys and cowgirls next week! Goodbye!

Comic transcript

You're reading an edited (or maybe "re-mastered") version of Charles Biro's comic book Boy Comics # 15, published in 1944. In it, we see Crimebuster fight this guy named Iron Jaw, who's trying to escape from US Law Enforcement and continue his campaign of domestic sabotage on behalf of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. If you're interested, you can start from the beginning by clicking the link to the first page.

So Iron Jaw, having beat up the WAVE, starts bandaging his arm (damaged earlier in a fight with Crimebuster). He thinks to himself "Wonder why this WAVE is riding a compartment? She couldn't afford it on her salary. Maybe her old man's got dough."

I'll note here that Iron Jaw is depicted by Biro as having no German accent and a very strong grasp of American slang and idiom. Despite having grown up in Germany and his membership in the German armed forces. In fact, Iron Jaw uses slang and idiom like a native, even when he's talking to himself. I suppose that's what makes him such a fearsome agent, his dedication to character.

He opens up the WAVE's briefcase and says "Won't hurt to go through her things and find out who she is! Might pick up a little extra money on the side!"

He checks her ID. "Helen Smith from New York! I need more to go on than that! YE GADS look at all this junk! Lipstick, rouge, mirrors..."

Iron Jaw chuckles with evident dismissive mirth. "Ha ha, these American women playing at being sailors - I'll bet she's hoarding powder puffs in this dispatch case." He starts. "Do my eyes deceive me?" He yells, then quietly says "This is the information I've been trying to get my hands on for months! What Germany's been waiting for!"

The woman on the floor stirs, and sits up. She steadies herself on the floor with one hand. "Where am I?" she asks, and follows up with "Who... who are you?"

Iron Jaw squats, his eyes and rasp inches from her face. "So you've come to! Don't you know who I am?"

Iron Jaw pulls her to her feet. She answers "No, I don't! I don't even know who I am or what I'm doing in this uniform!"

Iron Jaw says "You mean... Don't tell me you've lost your memory!"

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