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Last Update: May 22, 2020!
The demented history of comics in the United States resulted in their marketing towards very young children under a strict and safe "comics code". When men wrote comics that required rational thought, a mature sense of humor, and an appreciation of artistic beauty, the clumsy word "Adult" was prepended, and the gate was opened. The connection was made in the American mind between "Adult Comics" and "Adult Movies".

"Adult comics?
You mean like sex?"

Comics for Grownups seeks to grow that immature understanding and bring you some real fun stuff without making you feel guilty like you did something wrong. Because you didn't! You're a healthy individual mammal with oxygenated blood and a taste for what makes life fun.

Comics are good, and clean, and a font of purity in an entertainment world gone wrong. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Here's what we mean:
The Case of the Lax Team Sex Scandal for a satiric racial-revenge-gone-uproariously-wrong story!
Lax Sex Scandal Cover

Also, check out New York City: a Deterioration
Deterioration Comic Cover
This is a short comic by Fort Dudak and Sam Battin. Read it, and see what we mean about quality and fun!


The comics on this site are created by a variety of artists wholly committed to bringing you a memorable experience. We don't half-ass the art, and we don't half-ass the story. No one likes half an ass and no one likes shitty, forgettable comics. As you browse through the site and mull over the decision to buy, remember that we make our comics available in the format most useful to you:

  • On Paper - The traditional method of absorbing comics, made popular in the 20th century.
  • On Mobile Phones - Portable! Read them while you're taking the subway or the train to work.
  • Electronic - Store as an .RAR file on your computer and access from the reader of your choice.

Noteworthy Works

The Lax Team Sex Scandal

A stunning, fresh look at the crime case that caused the whole nation to recoil!

Gentlemen's Pernicious Entertainment

A wrenching romance comic of married passions.

Walls of Eryx

A journey to Venus with master of horror H.P. Lovecraft.

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